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Hi guy's

We have slowly been completing the parts for the front suspension. This has been a lot of work both in study and fabrication. We ended up removing one of the lugs on the upright and incorporated the connection with the steering arm. This allows disassembly with the minimum amount of work and outstanding radial positioning of the caliper to the rotor.

I had FEA done on the steering arm and several other pieces for the front. The brake bracket is a little suspect becuase we did not have FEA done on it. I am concerned if it is stiff enough in the transverse direction. Originally we were going to build this piece out of titanium, but settled on 7075 Al. If it turns out to not be stiff enough (pad taper at the top) we well re-machine in Ti.

IIRC - The tire and wheel weigh 36. We are fabbing new shorter upper control arms out of CrMo and a new UCA bearing cup machined out of Ti. Total Front un-sprung weight could be as low as 78lb but not over 80 This configuration has the front roll center not migrating more than .100 vertically and I can move it laterally where ever I want. My thinking is the rear will have limitations so I can calibrate the front to the rear.

After consultation with Wilwood, I remodeled the brake package (4th iteration) using 6 piston Dynapros and 12.19 x 1.1 rotors. I have been running with some FFR Cobras at the track and I was very surprised how heavy their wheels were and they run 11" Mustang brakes in the front. Wilwood did not seem concerned at all about downgrading the caliper and rotor mass - they are being used in SCCA on vintage Mustangs. The rotors are straight vane. I did a little research and I think I maybe able to replace them with a curved, high count vane configuration from AP.

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