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Originally Posted by cobrabritt83 View Post
I have a question about mounting my engine in the frame. I have an A&C cobra kit car. The engine I am using is a cast block 427 side oiler. I'm using the motor mounts that came with the kit but there is about a 1 inch difference in space between the motor mounts and the frame. The frame is about 1 inch wider compared to the engine with the motor mounts. Not sure if anyone else ran into this problem before or what they did to fix it. The mounts I'm using on the engine are a 3 hole plate with a rubber block with a threaded bolt in the center. They said there for a ford 427 side oiler, but I did have to wobble out one hole for the oil passage.
Have you called Joe to ask him if he has seen other customers find similar issues?

I'm not running an FE, but ran into a similar issue when mounting my Coyote. The Coyote's engine mounts were about an inch too narrow to meet the frame/motor mounts supplied by A&C. I ended up spacing the Coyote's mounts out a bit and it seems to fit really nicely now.
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