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Originally Posted by RockBit View Post
AndrewB - How about an update. Are you driving yet?
Ouch. That hurts

No, definitely not driving. In fact, the car and I are not even on the same coast. Long story short, I noticed a handful of little pimples on the car that I was certain were not there on delivery so I sent Connecticut Custom a few pictures and they quickly arranged for the car to be shipped back to them. It's a bummer, but I am very impressed (and thankful) that Connecticut Custom stood behind their work like they have. I was not really planning on posting about this as it sounds like a fluke incident and I didn't want anything to get misconstrued. I just want to be clear that I have nothing but good things to say about the Walts and their work and I would not hesitate to use them again. That said, the paint work is now complete and it is back at ERA waiting on Intercity for pick up, but they are fully booked due to Pebble Beach. Last estimate I got was first week in September for pick up.

Now I wish I could say that I was just waiting on the car, but summer has been busy and the engine project has taken a back seat. I estimate* I need another solid weekend to get it wrapped up. Instead, I have been buying awesome parts for the car that I didn't think I needed such as Armrer's beautiful seat tracks, some correct mirrors, and other little things I noticed while ogling the original 289's at SAAC. With that, I'm done spending money on it for real this time...really I am. .

I'm really hoping I can get a few good drives in before the weather changes but that is looking more and more unlikely.

*if history is any indication on this project, and my estimating skills, a week is more like a month+.
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