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Hi Tom. It’s a quiet night here so I looked up “Old School” in Port Orchard. Sounds like a nice workshop to visit, and I like the sound of the owner, Joe. His comments …. “If you want to talk to the owner, it's me. If you want to see the manager or the technician who will do the work on your vehicle, it's me. If you'd like to discuss the brand of coffee offered or the reading material available in the customer waiting area, again, it's me. I wear all the hats.”
Sense of humour as well ….”I am a husband, father and avid bicycle rider. I floss my teeth daily and am a lifetime Patches Pal.” I think I would like him and his shop.
He and his shop sound a little like a local guy that I sometimes use here in Adelaide. Nice to know there are still some good and reliable “old school” places out there.
What stage is he at with your car?

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