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Default Starting issue

Hi Guys,
Last Sat did not go as planned. We were headed to the final cruise at a local cruise night spot when my car decided to just turn over but not start. I had back surgery back in July, and was finally able to get into the car a couple of weeks ago...the car has been hibernating since last Thanksgiving. The first 2 outings, the car started and ran great no issues at all. This time I did not give it enough gas , it started but shut off, tried again, same thing. So I tried again with much more gas, absolutely no hint of starting, just lots of cranking. Thought it might be flooded, so cranked it some more with the throttle wide open, still nothing. Then tried some starting fluid, still nothing. I gave up and started some quick trouble shooting,. I have fuel at the carb. I put an inline tester at the spark plug and have no spark while cranking. I gave up at that point and went to the show. Yesterday morning I started doing a little research and testing. I have an MSD 6al box, MSD dizzy, MSD Blaster2 coil. Using a digital multimeter, testing for ohms primary windings , I am getting .7 ohms neg to pos terminal at coil. Secondary windings from good ground on firewall to coil output is 5040 0hms. I was following a you tube video and par that video, these numbers are good for the MSD coil. The next thing was turn the key to the on position, and test for volts at the coil pos terminal. It should have battery voltage but I am only showing about 3 volts and the test light shows nothing. I am showing voltage at solenoid on firewall and the brown wire coming off it. The continuity tester show all the glass fuses to be good So next I was going to take out the ignition switch so I could try testing the lugs and follow the power. I could not get that stupid bezel off to save my life. I had the same issues as this guy, How 2 Loosen Ignition switch??
I did the needle-nose and pliers routine, I tried taping it up and using vise grips, finally I sprayed some PB blaster, took and smaller screw driver and small hammer and tried to free it up that luck. All I manage to do was mess up my water temp gage, the needle fell out of its mount. I have no idea why, I certainly was not hitting the bezel that hard, but all the needles were moving with each rap of the hammer. Certainly no more vibration than taking a vehicle off-road, which I would think these gages should handle. Anyways, I will fix that once I get the car started and prepped up for Winter storage. Certainly not a good way to end my 30 mile season, LOL. I bought another type of spark tester tonight and I think next is try and trace ign power path with the test light and volt meter. From what I understand from the guy at Autozone, it goes from the battery, to the MSD box, to the Dizzy, to the coil. I also still need to get the ign switch out! I assumed it is regular treads and I was going in the CCW direction?
Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I want to get all the important info in. Any ideas from our experts would be appreciated. God how I hate electrical!
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