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Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
Dave, you do not need to remove your ignition switch, the terminals are easily reachable from under the dash. But, if you feel the need to remove it, it's pretty easy to just make a "two prong" tool that fits the two slots around the switch. It just unscrews and your ignition switch is very easy to change out. I did mine about ten years ago and it was a ten minute job. That said, a "no spark" condition with the MSD box is the easiest to diagnose no start condition there is. Don't take any VOM measurements, don't jump to any conclusions, just follow these instructions: The hardest part is just figuring out whether you're using a white wire trigger or the purple/green trigger. It's either going to be: 1) a bad magnetic pickup; 2) a bad coil; 3) a bad MSD box; 4) a bad distributor cap/rotor; 5) a bad 12v feed to the box.
Pat, I am only 12 weeks post op from back surgery/fusion. I would rather be safe than sorry. I am still pretty stiff and sore. Even if I removed the seat it would be a challenge. I figured it would be much easier just popping it out of the hole and testing it ad tracing wires in the hanging down position. As I said, this bezel was not moving more than an 1/8". I remember changing the switch in my first Cobra, as you said, piece of cake!
Great link, I also found it late last night. I will be doing all of these things. I might get a little time Thursday morning, but probably not.I feel better because you are making this sound much easier and less scarier. By the way, I have that purple/green trigger connector.
As I said, I hate electrical.
As usual Pat, your vast knowledge is always so helpful...THANKS.
I will report back on my progress
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