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Originally Posted by Gaz64 View Post
Are you ready to do the mag pickup test for spark with a paperclip?

As Patrick has mentioned, very easy to do.

Ok Gary and Pat, this is where I am at.
Just came in from the Cobra and caught the last inning of the World series game. I used the homemade bezel removal tool from my buddy Art, Holy S***, that bezel was on super tight!!! I had to use Vice grips and really sock it down. It is broken free now and that is what I wanted. The tool is in my car ready to be returned to its lawful owner.
I did the first part of the test with the jumper wire and I got killer blue spark jumping the 1/2 inch gap! You're right, it was super easy. It says if I get this nice spark my Ignition is good. I left everything all hooked up and hooked the pigtail back together. Then I turned the key on, remote cranked the engine. No spark out of the coil wire. I am thinking I should be getting the same spark as I got with the jumper test? I think maybe they meant if you get the spark with the jumper test, the Ignition BOX is good, not the whole ignition system?
I also pulled the cap and took a couple of pics. I see nothing earth shattering inside You will see rust on the magnetic pickup, it has been there for years. I actually bought a new one in 2014 when I replaced the cap, rotor, and wires. At that time, the MSD tech said the rust will not affect performance and to only replace it when it it has been just sitting on the shelf.
So for now I guess I will study the pics and info Pat posted. I'm ready Pat, lead me thru it...LOL
For some reason the pics will not upload, all I am getting is "uploading please wait"!!!
I will try again after this text is posted
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