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I have an aluminum FE with expansion tank. The cold fill level is 1/4 inch from the bottom of the tank. If I put more in, it expels it through the cap until it gets back to this level, then stays there.

I ordered the max cooling option with the car since I live in Texas. It never overheats, it runs about 85c/185f most of the time, but I occasionally see it get up to 100c/212f on hot days in stop and go traffic, My radiator cap is 15 psi, the puller fan comes on at 200f, and the thermostat is 180f.

One thing ERA recommends is not to run an undersize pulley on the water pump, as this will cause overheating on hot days. The pulley on my car is full size and the same diameter as the crank pulley. You might consider changing your water pump pulley to a larger one.

Good luck.
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