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Originally Posted by Matthewmi View Post
Hi, Does anyone know the proper torque specs for the rear shock top mounting bolt? It has a lock nut on one end.

And if anyone has a scan of an assembly manual for a 2007...


If you have stud-mount shocks:

How tight should the nut be on stud top shocks?

Itís important that the nut on stud top shocks are correctly tightened. If the nut is too tight, it can cause premature wear and binding in the suspension. If itís too loose, there wonít be enough thread to install the jam nut, which could potentially cause the shock to fall out of place. We recommend that the nut on stud top shocks be tightened until the bushing is the same diameter as the steel washer. This will help to ensure all mounting hardware is tight enough to hold the shock in place.When tightening or loosening the nut, we do not recommend using an impact gun, as it has the potential to break the stud or unscrew the piston from the piston rod. The piston rod is machined with "flats" allowing it to be held with a wrench while tightening or loosening the nut.
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