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Originally Posted by 66AC View Post
Thanks for the info about the high RPM FE.
With no adjuster on the lifters, how does one set or specify the OAL of the lifter rods?

The higher RPMs brings to mind one thing... what limitation does that reveal? In other words, what part of the engine design modification is next? Head design for instance?

In general, I pretty much never get above 5K rpms in my use of the Cobra.
Would this design coupled with titanium as the material even get higher RPMs?

Thanks for sharing.
You have to measure for pushrods. Itís the same method as when you use factory non adjustable rockers.

The rockers themselves will not make an engine pull higher unless the engine is already cammed for it and the valvetrain simply wonít let it get there.

Obviously not every FE needs to be a 7500 rpm engine but I did that to prove that FEs can get up there and to prove that my rockers are stout enough to support it.

The rockers would make a nice choice for any FE. Not having an adjuster makes it lighter and eliminates another part that can fail.
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