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Originally Posted by NC427 View Post
Thanks for all the valuable advice given! Appreciated!

Fuel quality: I presume that this is an unlike cause as the engine is fed with 98/100 octane only.

Carb set up change: yep, exchanged the carb as we hoped that the sympotom which was present with original carb would be luck here -

Idle speed: yep, presently in the range of 900rpm (always was past 10 years).....will decrease and see / hope

Good hard run option: - like that one.......could be an option as I had to creep in slow traffic lately.......not impossible that „coal“ is present in the system - still: Never had that before even in hardest (slow) traffic conditions.

Ignition timing: another option from my point of view as it could be a combination consisting out of several smaller effects adding up. Any advice?

Before I forget: camshaft installed is Comp Cams 33-000-9 and MSD ignition module 6AL and MSD 8592......
You can retard the timing, however, if it is performing well this will affect performance a bit. Leave it in gear and let the clutch out at a low idle.

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