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Dash update time.

Progress hasn't been lightning quick, but been a little warm here. One day last week was 46.6⁰C (116⁰F to you northerners)

I was looking at a dash inclination angle of 17⁰ to 20⁰.
I settled on 20⁰ for a number of reasons…
- I have a horizontal structural tube that is causing me some headaches for gauge clearances, mainly for my speedo cable, but also for the oil pressure gauge tubing in the second row of minor gauges.

More angle means more clearance.
20⁰ also is the angle of the steering column, so the dash panel will be perpendicular to the steering column, so all good

The dash is largely a scratch build. I left the welding to an expert, but the rest of the dash design, construction and fit is mine.

I had to make some bespoke brackets. Here’s my bending 'fixture' (aka my vice)….

….and here’s the first one ready for trimming…

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