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Originally Posted by bwcobra15 View Post
What is a "law enforcement inspection"? I know a Midlothian peace officer I can pay off ...

Not required here. The VTR-68-A/VTR-68-N is a Law Enforcement Identification Number Inspection and Assignment process which is sometimes required on a homebuilt or used car when no title/MSO is available. They create an "assigned VIN". If your clerk asks for it, ask for the supervisor. It is not a requirement for what you are doing. You have an MSO and a photo or rubbing of your VIN. If they insist, then go get it done, you have to take the car to certain police inspection sites. DMV has info on where.

But, I've done 4 of these in Collin County and it's never come up. Print out the manual and bring it with you. The title office also has their own internal manual and you can ask them to look up Assembled Vehicles.

Your best approach is to be the person in the conversation who knows the most about the Assembled Vehicle Titling Process. STUDY the manual first. The clerks will be likely to be doing this for the first time ...

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