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Default Brake question

I had a close call last Fall with some driver cutting in front of me in order to exit the express way. So I need to do something to ramp up my braking system. What I've done so far last summer new softer pads, bleed all brake lines several times with Dot 4 brake fluid, ( positively no air whatsoever) new 7/8 Tilion master cylinder for the front and 3/4 for the rear, turn front rotors and double checked the brake balance adjustment all OK. My question is does anyone think replacing the 7/8 master cylinder with a 1" is worth trying? Safety is more important than going fast. It's not fun driving with so so braking. I do believe i've exhausted all possibilities to get this thing to stop decent. I know non power disk brakes take more effort to stop but this is not acceptable. Can any body out there have this issue?
Thanks for your time.
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