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Originally Posted by MKS427 View Post
Mine is titled as 1965 Spcon Cobra Roadster.
You will need receipts, certificate of origin from FFR, and take it to an inspection station. There is one at the DMV near 59th Ave and Bell. It's pretty painless, but bring a book or something, it can be a long wait.
Be prepared, they may charge you AZ sales tax too.
I don't understand how it can be registered, but not titled. The car has to be finished in AZ for inspection.

You only need the manufacturer's certificate of origin when you are title-ing a car for the FIRST time- Once there is a title issued (in any state) that state keeps the MCO document- The MCO document is the largest piece of innaccucarate mis-information found on Club Cobra when it comes to titling a special construction vehicle. If you have an MCO, then great- If you don't have one, then don't sweat it.

Anyone can get an SPCON title in Arizona without an MCO. I've done it at least 5 times over the past 20 years.

Rob- What you need to verify is that the vehicle ID number printed on the Connecticut title/registration, matches a number (any number) stamped, rivetted, or otherwise attached to the car itself. If there is number on the title that matches a number on the car, then AZDMV will do a simple 12 dollar title document swap, and issue you title, tags and license plate; but the year on the AZ title would still show 69, same as the year on the connecticut title (which isn't really a big deal since 69 is still old enough to get you out of doing the annual emissions test in Arizona)

Hope this helps
- Robert

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