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Here's a shot of the guys on Engine Masters measuring the mixture on every cylinder simultaneously. One cylinder goes wayy lean into the deep 16s of AFR, but even without that, the various cylinders' readings aren't close to each other. And that comes down to the intake manifold not distributing the air and the fuel that well and that efficiently. Maybe fuel isn't turning a corner and making it into a particular runner, and/or elsewhere you have air rushing past one runner to go into the one next to it or something. This leaves a lot of power, a lot of torque, a lot of smooth running, a lot of throttle response, a lot of fuel efficiency, a lot of idle quality, all on the table. This limits how much timing you can run. Take away those wild swings and you can run a few more degrees of timing, and pick up performance both from the timing increase and from correct mixture. An independent runner setup that is tuned well can do this a lot better, whether it's Webers or injection.

And that's just one reason why we love them.
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