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Originally Posted by DanEC View Post
Supposedly Cobras were equipped with these originally but I don't know what angle the original ones used.
427 Cobras with 2-4V (CSX31xxs with early 1965 model year Galaxie engines and CSX30xx SCs with 1966 Fairlane engines) got 5° spacers added to the engines by Shelby American to level the carburetors. Offenhauser® made them as a slight modification to a catalog item. In 2011 I was hunting some originals for a friend’s CSX31xx car that had gotten misplaced over time. I put out want ads widely. I eventually found some ex-427 Cobra ones for the repairs but before I did my inquiries got all the way to Offenghauser via Glenn at the Salem Speed Shop in Salem Oregon. Glenn was a family friend of the company owners. Glen asked if Offenhauser by chance had any. The answer was yes, a batch that never got delivered to Shelby American. I bought them all and they got distributed to CSX31xx car owners quickly. The interest shown (by me) and the suggestion that Offenhauser could probably sell some of them got them reissued in the product line. The modern production ones are not 100% just like ones used in new 427 Cobras but installed it is not an issue for most people.

For a few years they were available through Summit Racing® but I don’t know if they are a current catalog item or not.

f.y.i....Somebody commercially made some poor quality reproductions for 427 Cobras prior to 2011. At a distance they looked correct but they were machined poorly. We had a pair before I started hunting originals. Not all the bores aligned with bores in the intake manifold and both sides were milled hour glass shaped with something like 0.03" out of plane on each face. Their poor quality triggered the hunt for originals.

I don't know their part numbers but a few of the Ford 4V plain or PCV spacers were angled something less than 5°.

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