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Originally Posted by classical glass View Post
I have a 427 side oiler with two 650 Holley 4 barrels. I'm thinking I might have a vacuum leak but not sure. There is a small rubber hose (aprox 3/16 ID) that goes from the front carb diaphragm to the rear one on the left side of the carbs. If I pull one end off and apply a vacuum coarse I get nothing, no vacuum will accumulate. Should it hold a vacuum or is it open to atmosphere? I'm getting all kinds of theories but I want to be sure.
That hose is fitted to balance the two diaphragms, so the two secondaries open by the same amount at the same time.

Between the two housings, there is venturi vacuum in that hose, not manifold vacuum.

What symptoms do you have, if you believe you have a vacuum leak?

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