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Originally Posted by classical glass View Post
Hi, I run a corvette restoration shop specializing in 53-67 Corvettes. I have a good feel on what non power brakes are like. My Cobra is nothing like that. I have a 57, 58 fuel injected and a 67 427 430hp.I can lock up the brakes on all of them. That could not happen with the Cobra. I'm believing the problem lyes with the rotors. They feel too smooth and after 50 or so miles they should show some kind of skuff or circular wear pattern.I'm thinking the new shoes are not being broken in properly. I've done everything else that I could think of. One thing is for sure I will not drive this car until I get good brakes.
Yeah - I've owned 427 manual brake Corvettes for most of the last 39 years and done more brake work and caliper rebuilds/replacements on them than I can remember. They take a lot of pedal pressure but they will stop you.
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