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Originally Posted by Jdata View Post
I still would like to see some string laid out onto the hood in front of the scoop. This will dictate the air flow going into the scoop. Instead of hanging them on top of the scoop. Placement should be a third and 2/3 in front of the scoop we could see what the strings are doing as the air goes into the scoop. The problem I have an issue with the scoop is that it is too low in height.
Here's a couple of photo's Tom Kirkham took for me when we were discussing the Aero package we were putting on KMP259...
I thought you like to see...

Look closely at the scoop and the side Vents.

Now you can see what the yarn was doing at the Scoop....

Now you can see why I said many times there is no air coming out of the side vents.... the Boundary Layer is moved by the width of the front tires and fender and that causes turbulence where the Vent should be letting air out of the engine compartment. When the Boundary layer separates from the body.... all kind of Turbulence happens around the car.

Sorry for the long post.
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