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Default Front shock absorber spacer

I'm fitting a set of original Konis to my 289, and would appreciate a bit of advice as the AC chassis manual isn't much help.
Chassis Instruction Book, p.16, legend for suspension drawing on p.14. Drawing part no.22, AC part no. D60106 - listed as 'Shock Absorber Distance Piece'.

Problem is, the drawing has no part no.22 shown.

The Konis came with a couple of thin BZP spacers which I presume are those referred to in the legend. But - where do they go? They only fit the bottom pin of the front damper, but if I fit them, and keep the heavy-duty rubber bump stop on the top shaft, the compression travel available for the damper is reduced (OK, not by much) to not much more than an inch before the bump rubber is in play.
Can anyone tell me what these spacers are for, please, and advise on fitting them or not?

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