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The triangular Koni logo came in in 1967, so technically the 'wings' logo would be correct for 1964 - but as the cars came from the showrooms with Armstrongs, I doubt many street cars would have replacement dampers fitted so early. I see 2287 in Larry's photo is a coupé, not a street car, but the resolution stops me making out the wings.
This is probably why I only remember the triangular logo as I was 12 in 1967, so not buying Konis yet! The UK concessionaire was JWE Banks of Crowland, near Peterborough, and about 10 miles from where I lived then, and now. I wrote to all the bolt-on goodie companies when I was a kid to get stickers, and well remember my stash of white triangles. I think I've fitted every car I ever had - almost - with Konis: Triumphs, Jensen, J-H, Mini, Jag, even the Mustang, and some of those had the exposed shaft. As Cobras did not come from the factory with Konis, it's difficult to know much about the early offerings - apart from the Armstrong, that is, which was truly the original. At least we didn't get the Selectaride.
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