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I've got a couple other weird things going on that I didn't think were related, but since that "I" circuit includes gauges, maybe there's a clue.

My fuel gauge has been flaky for a couple weeks. I suspect a bad fuel sender. I was planning to troubleshoot this weekend, but resolving the charging issue took priority.

A few miles after the charging issue first started yesterday, my tach stopped working--it's frozen at 2200 RPM. I suspect this is a result of the blown fuse, which would interrupt voltage to the tach.

Looking at the schematic, if there's a short to ground in the fuel sender, that could explain the blown fuse, although it's not obvious to me the source of enough current to blow a 15A fuse. It also looks like the wiper switch and motor could affect that circuit.

One other observation--after I replaced fuse 3 again I turned the key to the first position and the ignition light went on briefly. At the same time the ammeter jumped to about -15A then went back to 0 as the light went out (and fuse blew). This seems to indicate the ammeter is reading correctly, and that I have a short with enough voltage to drive 15A current, presumably to ground.

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