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Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
Yep, that's a clue. Let's see if we can get lucky -- reach up under the dash to the two green wires going to the spade terminal on the fuel gauge. Pull those two green wires off the spade terminal and don't let them touch anything. Then put a fresh fuse back in fuse #3 and then fire the car up and see if everything, except the fuel gauge, now works properly and charges properly.
Will do that right after coffee (and reinstalling the alternator and voltage regulator ). I'm a hazard to myself and others before caffeine.

Edit: ok one cup down, and my head is clearing. If I pull both green wires from the fuel gauge it eliminates the fuel sender from the circuit, and also the wiper switch and motor. It also seems that if there is a short to ground through the fuel gauge circuit there should be low resistance from the fuel gauge green wires to ground? I think I'll try that test first.

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