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1) If you have a MSD "Noise Filter" capacitor installed, that will indeed hold a small charge after you've disconnected the battery. Always flick on your lights, or hold the horn button down for a second or two, after disconnecting your battery.

2) You do not need to remove the dash. Just remove the half dozen dash screws and you can get your fingers down behind the top of the dash to remove the fuel gauge. Then fish the wire through the hole in the dash, plug it back in, and reinstall the gauge.

3) Remember, fuse #3 runs your wipers, gauges, and heater. If you can get the car to run and charge properly with the "bypass fused wire" running to the I terminal of the VR, with fuse #3 out, then you positively know the short is along one of the two feeds coming off of fuse #3. One of those feeds goes to your heater (that is the light green wire coming off fuse #3), the other is the White/Green wire coming off of fuse #3 that eventually becomes the solid green wire. The short is along one of those two avenues.
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