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Originally Posted by Whodeeny View Post
I have been reading this post with much interest. I took 821 out for the first time yesterday. I was concerned with the effort required to use the brakes and thoughts that this just wouldn't do. I was going to do the brake pad bedding sequence but there was more traffic on the country roads than I was comfortable with. I drove the car again today and went through the bedding of the pads, a half dozen hard use of the brakes from 50 mph to about 5 mph. This definitely helped, on the last hard use of the brakes I started to hear the front tires squealing in protest.

This is off topic but every time a used the brakes hard the engine rpm dropped to about 100 rpm. One time the engine even died and was difficult to restart. So I am wondering if the floats are set too high in the carburetor? The engine/carburetor were tuned on a dyno in Connecticut and I am in Colorado so it is definitely running a little rich. Any advice?

As Patrick as said, I would be gentle for the first 500 miles or so, so you get to know the car, and you can trust it. Running the brakes in from 50 to 5 is good, but don't lean on them hard enough to lock wheels.

If they kept records on your carb, your tuner should be able to recommend jetting for your altitude.

Try dropping the main jets primary then secondary by 2 jet sizes at a time.

On the primary side, you might end up at 73 in place of 77 as example.


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