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Originally Posted by Whodeeny View Post
This is off topic but every time a used the brakes hard the engine rpm dropped to about 100 rpm. One time the engine even died and was difficult to restart. So I am wondering if the floats are set too high in the carburetor? The engine/carburetor were tuned on a dyno in Connecticut and I am in Colorado so it is definitely running a little rich. Any advice?

I would check the rear bowl float levels (not sure if you have a single 4bbl or dual 4bbl) and depending on what you find, lower them a little.

Especially if you have reverse mounted dual quads the primary bowls are on the rear and typically have a higher float setting (fuel port on bowl will be set higher on the side) and when you hit the brakes hard it tends to flood the engine through the fuel bowl vent in top of the metering plate. Just the opposite of what Holley originally designed for. So you may need to lower the rear bowl fuel level to well below the viewing port.
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