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The gear ratio on the Richmond are 1st(3.27), 2nd(2.13), 3rd(1.57), 4th(1.23), 5th (1.1)
I use GPS to verify the speed and 60 mph comes in under 2400rpms my speedo is 8 mph slow), re-checking the gear ratio and it is a 2.88 (slight miscalculation on the math-my bad). I want to avoid the rear-end swap, as for the motor the 428 has a slightly more aggressive cam than stock(Comp cam 284H) running 10.5-1 compression staged II Edelbrock heads and port matched Edelbrock 1-4V intake the motor dyno at 476hp at 5800 rpm's and 502 tq at 3600 rpms. I like the 2.88 because it gives me legs on the hwy and with the 3.27 1st gear the car launches well. I'm just looking to keep the car more in the power band and I was thinking by having a .91 5th gear the car stays in its power curve through the cam rpm range.
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