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Joel It is a Hurst shifter. But I modified a lot of parts to make it work. I have it in a 65 Mustang fastback. I did not want to cut the car up and wanted to use my console. I made a new tower mounting plate to lower it a bunch. The tower was also modified by using some internal parts from my original hurst shifter from the 4 speed. It works fine for shifting no matter what RPM. It is hard to shift fast compared to the old T10. The problem seems to come into play when I am speed shifting and no lift on the gas pedal. I thought it was the shifter not moving the lever for the gear it was in but moving the next gear lever locking it in 2 gears. You have to come to a complete stop and play with the shifter to get it unlocked. If I ever get the time to figure it out I will let you know. Other that being hard to shift compared to other trans. I just love the gear ratios of the trans. By the way the thing worked good other than being hard to shift compaired to other trans. The problem started after several years of use. I have a lot of experience with manual trans and this problem is weird.

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