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Originally Posted by Moriarty View Post
Joel - have you watched this?

I was planning to do this to mine this past Winter, but got sidetracked with a broken valve spring and subsequent repair.
I hadn't seen that video before although I've seen the inside of my RG trans. Thanks for mentioning it as it contained a lot of good information.

I wish I'd seen the video before replacing a couple of syncros in my RG as I would have known to check for additional things. In addition, I would have used different syncros that just replace with RG syncros. From the video, it looks like the transmission should have internal prevention from engaging two gears at once if the shifting shafts and detents are working correctly. Apparently, my transmission is faulty in that area as it does appear to allow at times multiple gear engagements on the 2nd to 3rd gear upshift. In other words, what I thought was a shifter issue maybe a transmission issue.

I'll have to investigate further to understand possible ways to fix the issue. I still have a dilemma though. Do I invest more time, energy, and money in the RG trans or give up on it and go with something else
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