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Originally Posted by JBCOBRA View Post
Hi Larry,
Thank you for your help.
My car is 2218 has the Dana rear. There are 6 allen bolts on each side of the diff for each axel. The end of the axle that goes through the suspension upright has no bolts on it except the one big bolt on the axle stub on the outside of the upright.
Hope this makes sense?
Thank you Larry
Im not familiar with that differential. Does it use universal joints instead of CV joints?
Definitely DSS is the place to send your stuff. I had them build the axles on my Hurricane years ago using 300m alloy for the center shaft. Tuff stuff! Maybe the thing to do is hold an axle party for local owners and they can help get the axles out. You supply the pizza and beer!
Alba gu brth
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