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Originally Posted by JBCOBRA View Post
Thank you E
You are right. It would be so easy if our cars came with the Ford Diff.
<<action thinking>> Are you changing axles too?
Yes, I am. I am using the G-Force alternative but with both axles the same diameter. G-Force has a option to get one axle in a smaller diameter that is supposed to stop wheel hop.

The technique was sourced from a Cadillac patent that goes into considerable detail about how to design the axles for the damping effect. Turns out it is very vehicle specific meaning a one size fits all solution, doesn't. So I asked for both to be big.

The item that moved me to the G-Force alternative was the stub shafts. G-Force builds new ultra strong stubshafts. It is not that hard to twist off a 31 spline stubshaft unless it is made from a tough high nickel content steel and then heat treated. That is basically the G-Force story.

Both firms use the large Porche CV joints G-Force builds a custom large axle diameter inner hub for the CV joint instead of using the smaller diameter Porsche spline count that comes standard.

Here is a link to their website => G-Force Axles

The IRS approach means the only variable is the length of the splined half shaft and G-Force will make them to whatever you ask them to.

Help 'em do what they would have done if they knew what they could do.
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