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Originally Posted by JBCOBRA View Post
Hi Ed!
I sent G-Force all the info you provided and with some luck they can figure out if the ones you got from them will fit my car too.
Thrilled with G-Force already, because they are nice and actually answer the phone, email back right away. Wow. What a Treat

My axles are not for the Australian Dana they are for the Ford 8.8, John. I strongly suspect the Aussie Dana takes different axles possibly even 28 spline. I would not spend money on that rear end. Rear end quality, strength and suitability not withstanding the Ford 8.8 is just a better choice.

The only reason that rear end ever found its way into our cars was the kerfuffle over the Cobra name, logo and shape of the car that was raging between the replica car manufacturers on one side and Ford / Shelby on the other.

SPF either did not want to find themselves w/o a rear end supplier or had been already informed that their orders were no longer going to be accepted. Either way they went shopping and the Aussie Dana was the quick fix — its not where you want to be long term.

The G-Force axles use the 108mm Porsche 930 CV joints with a custom length axle to fit the particular application. G-Force takes the 28 spline OEM inner race and replaces it with a hardened 31 spline equivalent.

Because the 930 joints are so big, 108mm (that's bigger than a 105 Howitzer), you need the special stub shafts to attach to them. The entire assembly needs to be fit to your vehicle. Where your car rides height-wise and where you mount your IRS center section height-wise will impact your axle shaft length dimensions.

If you elect to go the Ford 8.8 inch route with aftermarket axles, it is not an off the shelf bolt in purchase. Because you have the Aussie BTR unit installed right now, the conversion becomes a custom fit solution specific to your car and needs to be treated as such. You will need professional chassis builder help to complete the job unless you have welding and fabricating skills.

Help 'em do what they would have done if they knew what they could do.

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