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Originally Posted by LMH View Post
Why not just switch it to the 8.8” Mustang Cobra differential and use the Mustang 31 spline setup? It’s all Ford and brings it inline with other SPFs using the 8.8” differentials only stronger. I would think it a lot less expensive yet still way stronger than the standard 8.8”.
There are a couple aluminum diff cases on eBay right now too.
The mounts on the frame are different for the Dana vs. the Ford 8.8" so it is not a "bolt-in" operation. It can be done, but takes work.

The BTR-Dana was used in several Hi-Po cars (GTO, Camaro, etc.) and will take a lot of use up to stupid levels of torque so well positioned for use in the SPF. The switch back to the Ford diff was due to discontinuation of the BTR. SPF then went to the ZF units as now used in the Camaro however supply issues have reduced the availability so it is used in the 289 cars as the standard diff (the Salisbury/Jag type or alloy Kirkham/Shelby is optional) and the 8.8" is now back in the MK III (427) cars.
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