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Originally Posted by HealeyRick View Post
I have to confess I'm a bit enamored of the leather strap look and added one to my Ford-powered Healey even though it wasn't a feature on the later cars like mine. And in order to add some extra cooling (and look a little more like a 100M,) I've added some louvers, too. (The mismatched paint has since been remedied)

I so nearly became a 'nasty boy' myself - I got bored restoring my last Healey in the late nineties, a '56 100/6, and fitted a 351W. I took a lot of time getting the driveline angles right and fabbing up all the mounts and bulkhead mods for the motor and toploader, but couldn't work out an easy way to fit steering gear so put it all back to stock and sold it. I'm guessing you have the narrower 289? Something I always fancied doing.

Edit - sorry, that was lazy - I just read your link, great stuff. The 302 is narrower than the 351 which is why you just got away with the stock steering. Also I was converting to RHD which seems to take up more room on the right side of the engine bay.
...and I have every single album BS&T ever released. Wasn't too bothered by Spinning Wheel, but nothing comes close to Hi-de-ho, and theirs is the best version of Fire and Rain I know. They were around at exactly the right time for a 16-yr-old aspiring jazz bass trombonist...

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