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A couple of weeks ago I opened mine up because it appeared oil was getting past the intake gaskets. D3VE heads that have been machined, studs, guide plates, positive valve stem seals, dual springs with dampers. I don't know what open and closed pressures are, as they came with car, along with a bunch of issues I've been addressing one by one.

Every one of my Comp Cams Magnum roller tip rocker arms is showing signs of heat to varying degrees. Some are a little bit discoloured, while others have a very noticeable bluing where they pivot on the balls. None of the balls showed discolouration or signs of heat - just the rocker arms themselves. I suspect the pressure of dual springs is a bit much for this type of rocker arm, and just another example of the problems I've been dealing with and the improper decisions that created them.

With the exception of 4 they were a b***h to get off, as the ball fulcrums seemed to bind on the stud. Well respected local speed shop guy says apparently these balls collapse over time. Not good. One of the balls is also missing a chunk of metal. Aaaarrrggghh.

Going full roller rocker arms.
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