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Default 1962 radiator

Originally Posted by TheBenMalibu View Post
A friend in Malibu has a 1962 Shelby Cobra 289 and she wants me to find the dimensions of the radiator, because she has to get her radiator fixed.

Is this a dumb question? Does anyone have an answer?
The very first few Cobra chassis came from AC Cars with AC Cars designed and supplied coolant radiators. There were no ancillary expansion tanks. They immediately proved to be too low of heat transfer capacity for the American market.

Real quick somebody, believed to have been at Shelby’s works, came up with 1962 model year Corvette radiators and expansion tanks. The parts were made by Harrison®. Some of the first cars already running with British radiators got retrofitted with Corvette parts. Thereafter street chassis through roughly CSX2140 used the 1962 model year type Corvette parts.

As John has pointed out a used all aluminum Corvette radiator 5+ decades might not be something to try and fix. That counts the one they have and any used one they might find. I don’t know much about them but I do have friends with 1962 Corvettes and they tell me nice dependable brand new reproductions are available. Here is the first one I spotted in a quick search.
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