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Originally Posted by Storman Norman View Post
As I am a new owner of what once was my Uncle's car before he passed and am jumping into this Cobra screen. I am a Mechanic but that doesn't mean I know it all. After running this car a while the clutch began to drop off like the slave cylinder was leaking and the reservoir was empty. Looked in the reservoir and it had fluid. tried to bleed the slave but it would not bleed right so I removed the reservoir and dumped it out to find a bunch of crud like someone used the wrong fluid and caused one of the fluids to turn into lumps which is probably plugging the master cylinder. This brings me to my question. I have a Superformance MKIII and I am wondering what is the correct fluid for this master cylinder? Is this a Mineral oil or a Dot 4 system?
The manual update I found at says the following:
Any DOT 3 or DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 fluid can be used. DO NOT use DOT 5.

Also of note is the following:
The clutch slave cylinder seals have a tendency to fail after several years. Consider replacing the slave cylinder every five years as preventative maintenance. If the fluid is black when bled, change the slave cylinder now.
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