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Originally Posted by tomshep View Post

After reading through the ERA site a few times, I have a few questions.

At chassis 731 there were major changes.

What date did this occur and how many have been built since?

Do ALL kits include a soft top and toneau?

I appreciate any help and insight. I am sure I will have more questions and thank you in advance.

I own ERA 732 and both 730 (old style) and 731 (new style) were on the shop floor when mine was being built. That was 2006. All kits do NOT include a soft top or tonneau. You must pay for that if you want it. I have a soft top and side curtains, but not a tonneau. I almost never use them, but I have them, because they look really cool and are a real PITA to do later. ERAs are, I think, the best Cobra replica available, bar none, unless you really want an aluminum body, then you should go KMS. The two downsides are: 1) Price and 2) The Wait Period. For a 100% turnkey, nicely equipped, car you can expect to pay six figures and wait, possibly, up to almost two years. If you're serious about an ERA, send Peter a five grand check tomorrow. If you change your mind, he'll send it back, no questions asked.
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