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So, I'm definitely in the minority here, fine, been there before.

Funny, how things turn out, I still say this guy went back on his word and screwed me over.

But, two things:
First, his idea to ship a car in a pod, is a great idea, I just paid $1400 to box and ship a body and chassis from back east, had I heard about the pod idea, I could have saved a lot of money.

Second, the mini was back east, shipping cost, registering in Calif. 998cc.

When he sold the car out from under me, he actually did me a favor:
Two days later, I found a mini in Sacramento, Ca, registered in Ca., 1275cc!
I've already sent the money and will pick up Saturday.
I'd been looking for two years, wanted early 60s, RHD, so this second car is perfect!

Funny how things work out.....
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