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Default Breakaway Torque on ERA's Powr-Lok

Just in case anyone was curious as to what the breakaway torque is on a nicely broken in ERA Powr-Lok, I checked mine today on my outboard braked rear. Last year I changed out the fluid (Moroso Climbing Gear Lube) and added one and three quarters bottles of the GM Limited Slip Additive Part #1052358, now #88900330. I added that extra three quarters of a bottle to eliminate a little "ratcheting" that I had been experiencing with the discs sticking around corners and it did the trick nicely. The Powr-Lok specs call for the breakaway torque to be greater than 40 ft/lbs and less than 200 ft/lbs, and it calls for the torque to be what is needed to constantly turn the raised wheel, not to just "break it away." Both of my wheels had the same reading, which was between 60 and 65 ft/lbs. 60 ft/lbs clicked off immediately and did not break the wheel loose, much less turn it, while 65 ft/lbs turned the wheel nicely. Here's a pic, Ellie was helping, but she's off camera.

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