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Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
Oh, and when she's not leaking, the ethanol in the gas is eating up the cheap pot metal that Holley seems to use. Here's a pic of my metering block that kept clogging up the air bleeds with mysterious chunks of white crap. Hmmmm, wonder what that stuff is. This baby wouldn't even clean up either. The replacement metering block has been holding up much better though. And, yes, that's Ellie's white fluffy butt in the background.

I think I see the problem Patrickt. The two main jets are clocked incorrectly!

The jet on the left has its screwdriver slot clocked at approximately 2 o'clock and the one on the right is clocked at approximately 10 o'clock. This potentially sets up a trans dimensional vortex while the engine is running that sucks the cheap plating, that Holley uses, off the metering body replacing it with some form of white inter-dimensional waste material.

Who knows for certain but possibly under full throttle an Einstein-Rosen Bridge could appear in close proximity to the mis-clocked main jet originated vortex potentially penetrating the protective bubble of another universe in close proximity to our own. If that would happen it's possible a small black hole could form swallowing the entire Holley carburetor — perhaps even the air cleaner!

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