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Originally Posted by AdamIsAdam View Post
are you saying he's still at risk even though he has his NJ title and registration now?
Yes, as internal audits do occur at the NJ DMV special titles division on State St in Trenton. Anything that does not fit the current VIN guidelines can get randomly flagged for an audit. Also, just an FYI, local DMV offices do not have QQ plates in house, all of those requests go through the State St office (small office of less than 16 people) and must be accompanied by pictures and sometimes even a VIN tracing, or an affidavit and hands on inspection from a NJ State Trooper if the VIN is non conforming. NJ has closed most, if not all loopholes in having your new build classified as a "vintage" vehicle. Where this generally does not matter is if the car has already been titled in another state without a "branded" (IE: kit car) title, in which case, they will take a title at face value. If branded "reconstructed" NJ has the option of demanding a new "safety" inspection of said vehicle before they issue a title..Again, when it comes to titling a car, any car in NJ, trying to buck the system, or reinvent the wheel is not suggested.

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