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Originally Posted by 1985 CCX View Post
When I use a nylon sock with a fine mesh it is fine around town...
So I am in year 6 with wide open stacks...
Are you talking like, women’s hosiery? Could be a good idea to keep some in the glovebox for when you encounter a dusty road I suppose...

In 6 years have you experienced any real detriment to running open stacks? More frequent oil changes maybe? Any compression loss?

Originally Posted by 1795 View Post
With a race car I am rebuilding the engine every couple of years...
So, I am VERY curious about this. Back in the day folks ran chrome (chromoly) rings in dusty conditions. They’d last longer than cast rings, but would also wear the cylinders faster. My 289 has plasma moly rings that are supposedly pretty unforgiving in dirty conditions...

When you rebuild so often, are you able to “ring and bearing”, or are you finding the added abrasive in the system is wearing bores and journals too? What about valve guides? I would be very curious to take apart a motor with a couple years of use in dusty conditions just to see how much of the cautionary aspect of filtration holds true.

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