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Originally Posted by crazycasey View Post
Do you run the bases with a grommet like the picture I posted, or do you bolt them to the velocity stack hold-down/jet well location? I ask because I only have 1 of clearance over the stacks at my tightest spot, and I know ITGs want a 3/4 gap between the stack and the inside of the filter. If I set them where they want to be, the bases are going to be sitting right on top of the jet well screens. If I bolt the bases to the carb bodies, Im going to be a little tight on the clearance to the inside of the filter (about 5/8 according to the dimensions published online).

Thanks for your help!
You would do better with something like this:
Allows the base to be fitted flat without the screens, don't need them since they will be supplied with filtered air.

Also allows much easier jet removal than some other setups.

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