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Couple of options here. Your Heidts upper "D" arms will work if they're "D", and not "A" arms to clear CR spring housing.

Heidts lowers put the shock too high. Talk to Darryl of RCC specialty products at He knows the idiocyncracies of CR front suspension setups. Their lowers come in two flavors, strut rod, and strutless. If I had it to do over, I'd go strutless. They also have a coil-over setup using Carrera shocks & springs. They were a little stiff at first, but after a few thousand miles, seemed to soften up.

Tom Beroth of Bethania Garage makes an upper control arm bracket designed to hold the mount with shims. Expect my set this week. Let you know how I like them.You must do something with this or you can't keep the front end aligned. The bolts slip. RCC makes this also, but looked a little too flimsy for me.

If you're thinking about power steering, I installed it in mine. Can give you setup and sources if interested. Do not follow CR shopping guide recommendations.

In fact, before you spend a dime on parts, check here first. Been there, done that, now it's in the dumpster because something else works much better.
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