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My $.02

Get the engine mounted to the frame first using A&C`s instructions. (Notes 4 & 6 on page 1 of body assembly)
Proper placement will dictate where the exhaust exits out the body.

Get the engine installed then set the body on the car. That`ll give you an idea of how the headers will/wont fit.
I got my headers and exhaust from A&C.

When I was at the stage to install the exhaust, I had discovered that A&C sent me 2 passenger side headers. I had to send one back to have the rear most tube re-welded with the proper bend.

So basically, you`re not gonna know til you set the body on the car.
Yes, I know it`s a pain in the butt to get people over to lift that 400+ lb. body BUT that`s what you`ll have to do.
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