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Originally Posted by 1BIG67AC View Post
The A&C instructions say to measure 22.5 inch back from the top front cross member and mark the frame at this point. This is where the middle of the two center header pipes line up on the frame. Then mark the holes on the frame using the frame mounts attached to the motor. This is what Iím worried about. If these header are ok to use this measurement. I want this motor mounted in the chassis. Should I go ahead and drill and mount motor mounts or not with these headers? If you look hard it the picture I attached shows that mark on the frame. Should I go ahead and drill and mount? Thoughts?

My money says you`ll be O.K.

Think about this, it doesn`t matter what tube orientation your headers have. (over, under, extreme bend, etc.) your exhaust ports on the head will never change location.
A&C wants you to use that location as a guide for their dimensions. (center of headers, center of the exhaust ports)

My concern would be the rear tubes (#7 & 8) possibly hitting the footbox.
That`s why I mentioned putting on the body to see what will/wont hit.

If you`re overly concerned about drilling holes in the frame to mount the engine, wait til you drill holes in the body for the rollbar.
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