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Originally Posted by olddog View Post
In the next to last picture you can see that the header pipes are not straight like the other side is.

I believe the problem is the header. I'm no expert here, but it might be possible to heat the header pipes at the last bend, but you would have four to heat. Trying to heat four pipes and pull it into place might prove to difficult. If you are paying for a new header, then let them make it right. Just be as helpful as you can.

I would also do away with the slip joint fit and have flanges welded on, unless you enjoy the smell of exhaust fumes on you clothes. If you are going EFI with O2 sensors, it is an absolute must. IMHO


You should also check to see if these headers are going to align with the body cut outs for them. One is mine is a tad too close and melted the body slightly. If I ever repaint the car is will open the body cutout about 3/16".
I concur. It sure looks like the headers are angled. All parallel to each other but angled backwards. At least that's what it looks like in the photo.
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