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Originally Posted by MOTORHEAD View Post
The FE header tank has a baffle running horizontally with a large hole directly below the filler neck. My car's "sweet spot" seems to be just under that hole, which is close to the bottom of the tank. Is that hole the "cold full" level ? No matter how much water I put in, after a run the level is always just bellow the hole. The rest is back on the road somewhere. This is not acceptable if you track or autocross.
That's perfect. Some FE's sweet spot is lower, some higher, but so long as you let it find itself, and there's at least some coolant in there when the engine is cold, then you're fine. I've never seen one that was bone dry when cold, but that wouldn't surprise me either. If you have coolant in the system, and the engine is reaching a normal operating temperature, and not overheating, then the level in the surge tank does not matter. But on every FE ever made, if you fill the surge tank up to the top it will spit it right out when it warms up.
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